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Reservation Form

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    Slots: 12 slots available
    Number of Hours: 42.5 Hours
    Time: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm
    Course Level: (N5)Beginner 4
    Class Type: Per-Module Class
    Class Starts: 9 May, 2020

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Terms and Conditions

1. The student must provide all requirements asked by Jellyfish Education upon enrolling. The student may also ask advice for the selection of class fitting to his/her knowledge of the Japanese language and availability of schedule.
2. The student is given THREE (3) DAYS after payment, the freedom to cancel his/her enrollment. Within the given 3-days period, Jellyfish Education is entitled to give a refund to the student for the amount paid during enrollment. Enrollment cancellation beyond 3-DAYS period is considered non-refundable. Thus, Jellyfish Education is not obligated to give back any amount paid by the Second Party. The reservation fee is non-refundable.
3. In case the student fails to attend 3 consecutive days from the start of the class he/she has enrolled in, Jellyfish Education gives the student an allowance to join the next batch of classes offered with a valid reason and for approval. If the student still fails to attend the next batch, he/she needs to re-enroll for the succeeding batch of classes which is for another payment. 
4. The student can choose different levels of the class fitting to his/her previous knowledge of Japanese language background given that it has been validated by the Japanese teacher.
5. The student is to remain enrolled or attend the class. Should the student stop attending the class or transfer to other class/ school, the amount paid for the tuition fee would not be refunded.
6. The student must strictly observe punctuality as to not distract teacher’s discussions.
7. The student is considered absent every 3 late.
8. The student is considered LATE if he/she arrived 15 minutes after the original start of the class, and considered ABSENT if he/ she arrived 16 minutes after the start of the class. The student can still join the class if they are marked as late or absent.
9. The student should inform the teacher or Jellyfish Education if he/she cannot attend the class or will be late in the class based on the following reasons with the format (Name, Schedule, and Reason):
·         Due to traffic, sickness or unexpected events-The student should inform the staff and sensei 30 minutes before the start of the class
·         Due to occasions, vacation, work schedule or any events which can be foreseen-The student should inform the teacher or staff 3 days before the absent date.
10. The student should only be allowed to have a maximum of 1 absent for per module/JLPT review classes and 4 absences for Lock-In/JLPT level classeswith a valid reason in the entire duration of his/her Nihongo class. If the student exceeded the allowed number of absences, Jellyfish Education will NOT provide a Certificate of Completion to the student.  This is to prevent absences that will affect student quality of learning and will also protect the credibility of Jellyfish Education and its service.
11. If the student got absent for a day or for consecutive days, the company can only provide one make-up class to discuss the missed lessons, given that it is with valid reason.
·         School interview (if student enrolled under Study in Japan program)
·         Sickness w/ doctor's certificate/advise
·         Funeral
·         Wedding
·         Work Matters
·         Events that cannot be controlled by the student
NOTE: Birthday celebration is NOT a valid reason.
12. If the student is absent without informing the sensei and the staff or without a valid reason, Jellyfish Education will only provide the handouts for the lessons missed by sending through email to catch up with the missed lessons.
13. For make-up classes, the student can have it within 2 weeks including weekends from the day he/she is absent.
14. The student should strictly be in a proper manner during the class as to not distract other students. Jellyfish Education has the right to expel the student for showing misconduct.
15. Eating during the class is strictly prohibited except during break time.
16. Loitering is also prohibited. The student must observe cleanliness in the classroom all the time.
17. The student will be responsible for any damage to the properties inside the classroom.
18. The student has the right to choose schedules as long as it is still available.
19. Jellyfish Education can make changes and adjustment to the initially announced class schedule due to the following reasons:
·         Fortuitous events like (weather, holidays and etc.)
·         If the minimum target number of students in a group class were not met.  
20. Jellyfish Education will give the student a calendar of schedule chosen to be guided on the duration and schedule of the class.
21. Reserved slot is valid for 3 days only. Failure to follow the specified timeline will automatically forfeit the student reservation.
22. The student bears the costs of the tuition fee and should pay within the specified dates stated in the email after the reservation of slot. Jellyfish Education has the right to cancel the student reservation/enrollment in case the student failed to pay the exact amount of tuition fee in the specified timeline.
23. The tuition fee paid by the student is non-refundable whether the student decided not to continue in the entire duration of the class. In case the student has attended at least one session and have decided not to attend anymore, he/she needs to enroll again and pay the regular tuition fee in the chosen schedule to be able to attend the next class opening.
24. Discounted amount of tuition fee should be verified by Jellyfish Education before proceeding in the payment. Combined discounts and promotions are not allowed.
25. The student grants Jellyfish Education an exclusive right to use its photographs during classes for commercial and non-commercial purposes without any monetary responsibility.
26. Jellyfish Education may disclose personal information provided by the student, to the extent such disclosure is reasonably necessary for the instances, but solely for the limited purpose of such necessity whereby Jellyfish Education partner companies may need the students' personal information to inform job openings and opportunities where the student may apply for career advancement.  
27. The student is entitled to receive a Certificate of Completion if he/she is qualified and it was validated by the teacher.
28. Jellyfish Education should give a Certificate of Completion once the student met the overall passing grade which is 70% and above 88% attendance rate. If the student failed to do so, the Certificate of Completion will not be issued. All certificates and recognition will be awarded at the end of the class.

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