Jellyfish Education's first ever Loyalty Card!

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Jellyfish Education's first ever Loyalty Card!

"New year means new beginnings and new opportunities". As we welcome the year 2018, Jellyfish Education Philippines proudly launches its Loyalty card  (ポイントカード) to its enrollees and students which will give exciting discounts and freebies upon enrolling in the Study Nihongo Program.

Leading our students to their dream target level upon studying the Nihongo language in a fun, exciting and comprehensive way is our primary objective with this program. Having this kind of objective, we want to let these students continue their studies with us and create a strong relationship with them even during and after finishing the whole program. 

 The Jellyfish Education's Loyalty Card is customized for the student's welfare. Through this card, once they enrolled in the Nihongo Program, they can already get this card for FREE and will have a chance to avail FREE JLPT registration, FREE Jellyfish Education's Standard Test (Mock exam for JLPT), Discount for JLPT review class, discount to tuition fees, and even FREE passport visa processing. So the question now is, how to get points for these rewards?

Just like the other loyalty cards, students will be able to get one stamp if they enrolled for a per module class (30 hours) and 4 stamps for those who enrolled to the Lock-in class (150 hours) which gives them the title for the FREE JLPT registration and Jellyfish Standard Test. As for the students enrolled in a per module class, no need to worry since the card validity is for 2 years, so you still have a lot of time to gather more stamps for your target reward!

So if you are excited to have your own loyalty card, you can visit our website or our offices to enroll. Secure yourself a card now, for the amazing rewards await you!


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