Traveling Japan: 5 useful Tips!

Traveling Japan: 5 useful Tips!

Many foreign visitors mistakenly believe that it is very expensive in Japan especially in Tokyo so here are some useful tips before coming to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Getting Yen before you leave

First and foremost money is the most important aspect of your travel. Japan in many places still relies heavily on cash, which is why it is best to exchange your money into Yen beforehand. There are also exchange services at airports and major train stations. You can also use your international ATM card to get cash directly from your bank account at these locations. Be sure to let your bank know you will be out of the country and check with them about transaction fees. 

Internet Access: 

Check your carrier about data programs they offer but most of the case it costs a lot when you open your mobile data (It can take you P1, 500.00 pesos per day just to use the internet in your phone relying on your carrier. Not very practical I suppose). That is why it would be better if you would rent a pocket Wi-Fi hotspot if you will travel with a group. The prices range from 5000 Yen to 10000 Yen for 6 days. If multiple people split the price it can end up being a great deal. Not to forget, there are lots of Free Wi-Fi spots & Services in Japan. First would be at your Hotels where you check in. If you’re a tourist, your hotel probably has wifi or internet. Also, cafes have wifi too. Not only that The Japanese government and some major communication companies are trying to make it a bit easier for wifi-accustomed foreigners, so they’ve offered up a few services. With that, getting internet in Japan will be least of your problems. Get ready to post pictures on your Instagram!
Get a JR Pass:

If you are planning to leave Tokyo, the JR Pass will be very convenient for you for just about 29,110 yen for ordinary and 38,880 yen for a Green Car. You can use this pass to allow you to access any JR line in the country for seven days, including several different shinkansen (high-speed) trains. Not bad for traveling around Japan and visiting other very beautiful prefectures. You can also buy these following passes: Hokkaido Rail Pass, Shikoku Rail Pass, Kyushu Rail Pass, Takayama Rail Pass, JR East-South Pass and JR West Rail Pass.

Convenience stores are your friend

With a conbini on virtually every block of Tokyo that is most open 24/7, nearly anything you need is within reach at any hour, no matter where you are in the city. The major conbini chains are 7-Eleven, Family Mart, and Lawson. These chains contain inexpensive, prepackaged food that is amazing and has canned coffee in each one to energize every citizen of a small nation. 


Trains could become your biggest expense in Japan. However, while it is costly, it is also efficient. Rarely is there a delay in Japanese trains and if ever there is, it is only by mere seconds. Digital displays are present in most stations, stating the arrival and departure in both Japanese and English. Ticketing machines with maps are also available. It is basically the best mode to travel within the metro when it comes to time and comfort.

Learn basic Nihongo

Lastly, learning at least basic Japanese before you go to Japan is a big help. It will make your travel easier and less stressful because you can do some things by yourself instead of always relying on someone else to help or translate for you. It is also a way of showing how you are interested in learning more about their country and culture.  

These are just a few tips before having your travel to Japan. Hope you have learned something from it and remember it is good to have a little research about the country on which you will go. 

Get ready for your Japan adventure and learn your basic Nihongo with Jellyfish Education!

By: Maricore Anjireh Sepe
  Jellyfish Education Nihongo Class
And Study in Japan student

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