What to love about the country
What to love about the country: japan
Posted: 11 days ago

There will be different preferences on which why a person would love a certain place or country. As this title introduces, we will learn on why we love the country JAPAN.

                Japan is a country that many people love. It isn’t only because of the very fact of being the home of mangas and anime, but there is more up to that. One of which is that the country is VERY CLEAN. It is very clean that not a single trash can be seen in the street. Every citizen is very responsible of their own trash as they really follow the environment policy and procedures. They follow strict segregation of trashes as the people respect their surroundings.

                Next thing that we love about Japan is the RESPECT OF THE MOTORISTS to the pedestrian. These motorists would always giving priority to the people who are walking in the streets. Whenever they will be crossing the street, they will really stop and wait until they are sure that the person has safely crossed to the other side. 

                CHILDREN ARE TRAINED EARLY in Japan. At a young age they are taught to have responsibilities and be mature like an adult would be. No wonder that one of the most popular program in the TV is entitled “Hajimete no Otsukai” or in English that is “My first Errand” wherein the children in the very young age are being filmed secretly as they are trying to accomplish the errands their parents are asking them to do. Not only that being popular in Japan but also letting the children go to their school alone is very normal to them. Some children walk or even ride the trains alone on their way to school for them to be mature and be street smart in an early age.

                GETTING LATE IS A BIG NO since it is customary in Japan to be punctual. As Japanese are especially concerned about not being late, most have naturally acquired this habit. Even the trains here always on time that is why if a train is late, then you can request a ticket from the platform inspector, which states by how many minutes the train was late then you can present it to your employer as for the Japanese, time is very valuable. 

                But one of the best things in this country would really be is ETIQUETTE. Japanese are polite, welcoming and follow a rigid etiquette. They would bow when saying hello and thank you and as for giving and receiving items and gifts they would use both of their hands. Shop workers and the people you encounter are some of the cheeriest people you will meet. It really is a beautiful thing to encounter on a daily basis.

                Here are some of our reasons why we love Japan. Would you like to share yours? Matane! またね!

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