The Cebu City Public Library Free Nihongo Class 101: A Stepping Stone to a New Journey

Last updated: 2021-11-24 06:42:09

  CEBU CITY, Philippines February 22, 2019, Jellyfish Education Philippines, Inc. partnered with Cebu City Public Library offered a free 3-hour Nihongo class to our fellow Cebuanos.

  This was the first time that the school successfully tapped into a joint-venture program with a Local Government Unit (LGU). With 53 attendees and many more still interested to join, this would definitely not be the last for the school to offer these kinds of programs. This all started in December 2018 when Jellyfish Education met with the Cebu City public librarian, Rosario Chua, to talk about the collaborative program. Miss Chua was fond of the program and acknowledged how it could help the library venture out to other services, as well as for the benefit of the Cebuanos. From hassle-free watching of anime shows, to better services for the hotel and restaurant sector, or to possibly live the dream of working in Japan, the number of rewards the program can give/offer are endless. With these in mind, she enthusiastically took this offer, and the plan got its go-signal. The class, led by Kitai-Sensei, was packed by eager attendees that were very participative throughout the whole class. A myriad of activities were presented to the students by Kitai-Sensei. The attendees were asked to speak and read Nihongo, and write Hiragana (a component in the Japanese writing system). Given the influence Japanese culture has in our country, we could tell that some participants were more familiar of the concepts tackled than others. But this didn't faze the beginners as they had the drive to learn as much as they possibly can. The class was a definitive success. The students showed more interest in Nihongo classes more than ever. Inquiries shot up after the class, asking for details about Jellyfish Education's Nihongo classes and other related programs. Here in Jellyfish Education Philippines, Nihongo classes and other programs are offered to everyone who has the drive to learn the Japanese language and culture. This is a link for the schedules of the upcoming classes: Enroll now to begin your journey with Jellyfish Education in learning this wonderful and rich language. Never stop learning, never stop growing. - Keith Abram Uy Jellyfish Education Philippines