Travel, Learn, Enjoy Japan and say, “Japan, you have my heart”

Last updated: 2021-11-24 06:42:09

  Japan is one of the best countries to visit. You get to go around and waste your whole time enjoying the beauty of Japan.

  It has a very wonderful depachika – wonderful department stores and food halls are there. With the colorful lights and clean aisles, you might want to decide to stay and live in there! Here are some factors that you should not miss about Japan. Every country has a different culture and I must say Japan’s culture is really interesting. Why? Because you get to know and experience the beauty of the country. One thing that you would love about Japan are the people. They have a very good sense of humor and they are really approachable. When you’re lost and you seem like you couldn’t get in the way back to your destination, Japanese people are always there to help you lead the way. And with such, they will always make sure the travelers and new residents shouldn’t miss any single thing to enjoy in Japan. The fact that Japanese people are very considerate, kind and thoughtful makes it more amazing. Not only Japan has the best people, they also have the best foods that you should try. Japanese Cuisines will never ever fail you, the level of love and respect that goes into food preparation in Japan is nothing short of awe-inspiring. And it’s in no way limited to high-end or fine dining. From cheap neighborhood noodle shops to Michelin-starred and other top restaurants, the quality and taste of food in Japan is of an incredibly high standard. Japan has also the best places to visit. Pack your bags and let get it to our itineraries: Kyotois home to one of the world’s largest collections of UNESCO Heritage sites, the cuisine is renowned as the most refined in Japan, and geishas still conduct intricate tea ceremonies in the city’s wood-clad houses. Wander a little off the beaten track and you’ll see that Kyoto’s contemporary edge unfurls itself in a clutch of edgy designer shops, quirky cafés – and, most notably, with the Kyoto International Manga Museum. There’s no denying that Kyoto is a hard city to contain. Surrounded on three sides by low, mist-slung mountains, the city sprawls, crawling its way up the slopes that were meant to limit it. Its sheer scale may initially intimidate, but with an efficient transport network, Kyoto is a manageable – and endlessly enjoyable – city to work your way around. Ishigakiwhich is located in the west part of Okinawa is a very nice tropical view. You can get to go to the isalands of Yaeyama archipelago. Ishigaki may not have the shrines and temples that other Japanese cities have, but it does have an exuberant nightlife for visitors who have the energy after a day of beachcombing, water sports or climbing Mount Nosoko. Kanazawais the 4th largest city in Japan. You can go here and enjoy the green view of the place, it a garden kind of theme where you can relax and enjoy every beauty of it. Nikkois a small town at the entrance to Nikko National Park, most famous for Toshogu, Japan’s most lavishly decorated shrine and the mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Another popular attraction is the red-lacquered Shin-ky? bridge. One of the popular places to visit in Japan, the national park offers scenic mountainous landscapes, lakes, waterfalls, wild monkeys and many hiking trails. Well, how can we forget Tokyo, in this place, you can see the travelers all around. Tokyo is Japanese capital’s metropolitan area. It is the most populous in the world. From viewing spring cherry blossoms in traditional gardens to the fish market at Tuskiji. Tokyo blends the ancient with the new, from shrines to karaoke bars. Just walking the streets of this hyperactive city can be an energizing experience. Japan’s best destinations will surely give you a “wow” reaction. On my list of places, those are not everything yet but surely indeed, those are one of the best places to visit. After discussing all these places in Japan, there is still one more reason for you to stay in Japan and that is to experience the Japan’s holidays and festivals. Here are the lists: · Jan 15: Nozawa Fire Festival, in Nagano, Japan · Feb 5-12: Sapporo Yuki Matsuri (Snow Festival), Sapporo, Hokkaido · Late March: Sumo Wrestling Spring Basho, Osaka · Early June: The Kaiko Kinenbi, Yokohama Port Opening Ceremony (Boat Races) · July: Shounan Hiratsuka Tanabata Matsuri (Star Festival), Hiratsuka · Late July: Tenjin Matsuri (Festival of the Gods), Osaka · October: Warai Festival (Laughing Festival), Wakayama While you are in Japan, you will obviously be engaging with Japanese people and their Japanese language. Its better to get to know their language as well for convenience and other for other reason. However, if you still have not any Japanese background and cannot speak the language, well, here is Jellyfish Education to help you! Enroll now at our Japanese/Nihongo classes and have an edge to any other visitors to Japan. Its better to be able to communicate with the Japanese confidently than having no knowledge of language at all, right? It feels like home when you’re in Japan and you are learning their language. Nevertheless, all these wonderful events and places in Japan are really worth it. Worth the time and worth the money. With this article, I must say I almost felt like I am in Japan. So, what are you waiting for? Travel, Learn, Enjoy Japan and say, “Japan, you have my heart”.