Jecís launch of Study Nihongo Website

Last updated: 2021-11-24 07:15:10

  Jellyfish Education Consultancy Philippines Inc. is a company that is known in the industry which provides and promotes educational services to those Filipinos who want to Study, Live, and Experience Japan.

  And together with the companyís management policy ďExpand Your HorizonĒ, year 2015 when the company offered Study Nihongo program for those people who wants to learn the language and be globally competitive. So as the New Year starts, with a server and domain name, JEC proudly launches its newly designed website for the Study Nihongo program to give a hassle-free and convenient service for their customers. This new website gives a calming vibe to its users due to its blue themed background which symbolizes wisdom and intelligence. Aside from it, they can easily access the website through its user friendly pages like the homepage, senseiís page, latest updates/article page, payment terms, student gallery, inquiry page and chat buttons. The home page of the site includes the available slots offered in both Manila and Cebu branches, appearance of classrooms and important facts about the program. On the other hand, whenever the user wants to picture out who will be there sensei is once they enroll to the program, they can go to the senseiís page which will provide them the JECís teacherís profile including its photos. And for some literary articles or random facts about Japan or about the program itself, the user can read and share some of it at the article page. Then whenever the user is decided to enroll to the program but he/she doesnít know when, where and how much to pay, the user can just go to the payment terms page. On this page it will give them an idea about the amount of the tuition fee, payment procedures whether if it is on cash basis, installment basis, or payment through bank deposit as well as the terms and condition when the user makes an online registration. The website also contains pictures of successful students who enrolled to the program as well as promos/ discounts offered both in Cebu and Manila branches. Moreover, if the user has some questions in mind that needs to be clarified, he/she can just go to the inquiry page, fill up the necessary details for him/ her to be called by one of JECís staffs. Aside from this website launch, JEC will also introduce to its market the updated version of its Facebook page username which is ďStudy Nihongo w/ Jellyfish EducationĒ. Well, thatís how the Study Nihongo website and Facebook page works; itís for you now to check that out! Learn Japanese and be globally competitive! Ganbatte Kudasai Minna-san!